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San Diego

I found Cannabis Hunter SD after having several years of bad experiences with delivery services. I sent a text and received a quick response, ordering was very easy, and I had the products in my hand within an hour of placing my order. The flower that I received was excellent, very good nose and lovely appearance. Additionally, I purchased a gram of concentrate and am very pleased with the effect and taste. I'll continue to come back to this service, as finding a reliable and affordable delivery service in San Diego has become more and more difficult. I can tell that Wayne cares about his customers and that gets my dollar any day!


Orange Creamsicle is food for the gods. Yeah.
Northern Lights will make you grow a 70’s bush and a deeper appreciation for early Floyd.
Good job on delivery time and uptown quality. Thanks.

San Diego

Fast and easy ordering and delivery. Also, Flower was top notch and accurate to photos.

Austin S
San Diego, CA

Great experience and great quality. A+