West Coast Cure Carts.  Our West coast  carts comes in  1000mg with a good THC level of usually above 90%. The product  is very potent and delivers the perfect cannabis feel and experience . With a premium touch, the manufacturers sought to bring out an exquisite vaping product that will perfectly meet the vaping desires of the consumers and bring them out their shell. An amazing cannabis device, 300 puffs in carts of 1000mg.  There exist multiple beautiful flavors and strains that come with a variety feelings and experience . The  cure carts are crafted or created for both personal and recreational use, it tends to satisfy both cannabis enthusiasts and patients .

The carts are available in; Indica, Sativa and Hybrid  with premium THC oil  that gives it that unique feel.  Take a very good puff and get the real vaping experience.


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1 review for WEST COAST CURE 1G CART $45 EACH

  1. tonya bearden

    One puff is all I got but that one puff made my whole outlook on life change. I was seriously depressed being Christmas and all. I really needed help 😪 and one puff got me going away from the darkness. Thank u for making this product. U have no idea how u just saved my life. My name is Tonya bearden and I’m from San angelo TX AKA lee Simmons TX boss

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