New Glue “GG#5” (EXOTIC)

OMG this tastes amazing. The euphoria at the beginning feels so great, and the taste will stay with you for a while.Developed by GG Strains, New Glue (GG5) is a potent cross of Sister Glue (GG1) and Original Glue (GG4). She looks, tastes, and smells amazing. True to its name, New Glue (GG5) is known to leave its consumer “glued” to the couch in deep relaxation. But before the lock down, it hits you with uplifting psychoactive effects. With a strong diesel flavor, New Glue (GG5) delivers stupefying effects that are reported to be heavier than either parent strain, so patients looking for a good sleep aid, muscle relaxant, or pain reliever should keep this one on their radar.

$12 gram, $42 1/8, $80 1/4, $160 1/2, $295 oz


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2 reviews for New Glue “GG#5” (EXOTIC)

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  2. Matteo

    Uuuuhhhhh, what???

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