Hashberry (Top Shelf)


Although Indica-dominant, this strain still retains its Sativa-based effects, making the initial high very cerebral. In small doses, it calms the mind, producing a euphoria that may cause users to feel focused, clear-headed, and creative. As these initial effects begin to wear off, a soothing and relaxing body stone develops. Such Indica effects may lead to drowsiness or even sleep.

Hashberry is often recommended for afternoon or evening use, though some prefer it strictly for night time use due to the sedating properties that develop an hour or two after use. Its calming effects are often sought after by those suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression. Patients sometimes find it helpful in alleviating the fatiguing effects of insomnia.

$4.50 gram, $15 1/8, $30 1/4, $60 1/2, $100 Oz



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