Irony is never lost within the cannabis community, and the indica-dominant strain dubbed El Chapo is just one such example. Rather than being short as the name would suggest, plants can get rather tall with heavy yields, making this bud a favorite in the growing community. Created by Sour Genetics in London, El Chapo is a cross between Sour Diesel IBL and Headbanger BX. Perfect after a long day, many report that her high is heavier than you’d expect.

Unfortunately, specific THC data isn’t widely disseminated for El Chapo, however, it’s assumed that she’s on the stronger side of the potency spectrum. Her nugs tend to be rather elongated and light green in color, speckled with orange hairs and absolutely covered with a heavy blanket of white trichomes. Blending the flavors and aromas of both parents, El Chapo takes on a mixture of fuel and fruit. She’s described as being sour and acidic with a touch of sweetness that helps to balance things out.



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